Oneida Education Foundation

The purpose of the ONEIDA EDUCATION FOUNDATION is to encourage business and community involvement in the schools in Oneida School District and to actively seek supplemental resources to assure SUCCESS FOR EVERY STUDENT enrolled in and physically attending the schools full time in Oneida School District.

The Oneida Education Foundation was established in 1988 to raise funds for Oneida County Schools. The OEF provides a channel by which individuals, families, businesses, and organizations may donate money to the schools and receive significant tax benefits as well as the satisfaction of having assisted Oneida County schools, teachers, and students.  It is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that functions independently of the Oneida School Board and District while cooperating with school officials to benefit teachers and students.

The OEF operates under its own by-laws and elects its own board members and officers.  Each school in the district has a representative on the board, and two Malad High School students serve as student representatives. The majority of board members are community representatives, all of whom serve as volunteers.  The board meets monthly to plan and to conduct its grant-awarding and fund-raising projects.

The primary work of the OEF is the awarding of grants to teachers for classroom supplies and equipment to benefit students.  In just the last seven years, the OEF has awarded over $50,000 in teacher grants.

Shortly after its founding, the OEF began awarding scholarships to Malad High School graduates.  To date, the OEF has established over 40 endowments that fund scholarships for Malad High School graduates. Most of these endowments are in memory of family members, friends, and teachers, and donors determine the criteria for the awarding of the scholarships. Scholarships are awarded to all MHS students who apply and meet the criteria for scholarships.

The OEF raises its funds through an annual Mail-a-Thon, teacher payroll deductions, general donations, and grants. Donors who reach the $1000 mark are inducted to the OEF Heritage Club.

OEF Board Members 2023

Gloria Jean Thomas, Chair

Dr. Brady Robbins, Vice-Chair

Alyce Lewis, Secretary

Bob Crowther, Treasurer

Krichele Smith, Historian

Cinniman Allen, MES Representative

Kathy Atkinson, MMS Representative

Lyndsie Thomas, MHS Representative

Diane Skidmore, Stone School and Community Representative

Tresie Carter, School Board Representative

Jason Gleed, Community Representative

Dean Larkin, Community Representative

Raegan Smith, Senior Student Representative

Baylor Bean, Junior Student Representative

Jon Abrams, Superintendent (ex officio)