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Oneida School District #351

25 E 50 S Suite A
Malad City, ID  83252


Elementary X 100 Middle School X 300
Oneida High X 106 Food Services/Accounts Payable X 401
Malad High X 200 Bus X 500
District/ School Board X 209 Stone Elementary X 600

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Dear Oneida Parents and Staff,
Some have been asking if there will be a required make up day for the two days that have been lost.   In a communication today with Pam Brewer from SDE, the district has been granted 11 hours for emergency leave.   Thus, we are not required to make those two days up.  If we were to have another snow day, it would put us  very close to minimum hours  -  so we could possibly be required to make up if we were to have a third day.  
Thank you,
Rich Moore

January 17, 2017 Meeting Notice 

January 17, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.