About Malad High School

Malad High School operates on a 7 period schedule and is a four day school week. Each day the students attend seven 58-minute periods. Breakfast will be served before school 7:30-7:45. The first bell rings at 7:50 am and school is out at 3:45 pm.
We believe that Malad High School is one of the finest schools in the state. Our goal is to prepare every student for life after high school, whether it be college, workforce, trade school, or military. In this ever-changing world today, we are committed to integrating more technology into our classrooms and are dedicated to encouraging innovation in your child’s classes.

Our teachers and staff are committed to giving 100 percent to each student, parent, and guardian. We are committed to providing an environment filled with high expectations and standards for both our students and our staff. We have very high expectations for all students. We have 23 certified teachers. Each student is assigned a faculty adviser who works closely with that student for four years.

​Student academic growth is evaluated a minimum of three times a year. Our primary goal is individual student growth. Program offerings at Malad High School are exceptional for a small school, both academically and vocationally. We currently have seven adjunct college faculty on staff that enable us to offer concurrent enrollment classes. Our best students graduate with greater than 30 semester hours of college credit. Malad High School has a number of professional-technical programs that provide students with an opportunity to learn workforce skills. Articulation agreements with colleges include business technology, agriculture, health occupations, automotive technology, information systems and family and consumer science.